Defensive Tactics Training
Team One is committed to providing effective and unparalleled training for Law Enforcement, First Responders and civilians. Our program provides instruction on techniques used in controlling compliant and non-compliant suspects, weapon retention, weapon disarms, control tactics, and ground defenses.
We offer training For those who just want to learn self defense up to Law Enforcement and First Responders who want to sharpen their skills. Team One also provides specialty training for handcuffing, escorting,  and pepper spray taught by certified instructors. Our training is designed to work within the rules and guidelines of departments.
We look forward to this opportunity to help our community and  local Law Enforcement Officers.
What people are saying about Team One Krav Maga

As a member of law enforcement, I found that my skills and techniques learned over a decade ago in defensive tactics were becoming dated. Since joining Team One, my confidence has grown in my ability to successfully defend myself in a use of force situation. The tactics taught are immediately useful, as well as legally sound. Many of the drills, from handcuffing to ground and weapon defenses, have prepared me for spontaneous encounters in todays environment. I greatly enjoy the instruction, the workout, and the benefits offered by Team One Krav Maga. JA

 I have attended many of the defensive tactics classes offered by Team One over the years and the knowledge gained from them is invaluable. In the world we live and work in today, it is very nice to have the support of local businesses and that is exactly what Team One provides to law enforcement. The tactics and knowledge learned from a class today could make the difference tonight...Thank you Team One and all the instructors that make it happen! M.B.

One and all the instructors that make it happen!

I was lucky enough to participate in the Law Enforcement Seminar that was put on by Jeff Sgarlata Team One Krav Maga and it was by far one of the best trainings I have been too. I have been a Police Officer for over 8 years now and have been to multiple trainings but this one I took the most from as it was more reality based and what we Cops deal with on a daily basis. You do not get much weapon retention or weapon defense in the Academy nor in Defensive Tactics Instructor School this therefore brought my training to a whole new level. I even brought this type of training to my Defensive Tactics Instructor School and classmates and fellow Instructors were amazed at this type of training and requested to learn more! I feel that this is the form of training that Law Enforcement should be transitioning into and I hope to be lucky enough to partake in more of Team One Krav Maga seminars!!! I would also like to add that the instructors for these courses are very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and determined to provide students with as much training as possible to keep up Cops Safe!!! A.S.

The opportunity came where I was able to train with Team One Krav Maga and being limited in the martial arts field I had some apprehensions about the training. After only a few minutes I was glad to be there. The techniques we learned were taught in a manor that were easily understood. I highly recommend giving Team One a chance. D.L.


As a law enforcement officer, I am often frustrated by how little defensive tactics training I receive. I have tried to remedy this by attending various martial arts classes, but have found that they are often of limited applicability to the "street" because of how little time I have to devote to them and the fact that they are not tailored to law enforcement. Jeff at Team on Krav Maga has done a great service to law enforcement in the Syracuse area by offering defensive tactics classes and seminars tailored to our particular needs. Although I have only attended one such seminar, I can honestly say that it was some of the best training I have received! Both simple and effective, it is the kind of training that I am confident I could use immediately. I highly recommend Team One Krav Maga Defensive Tactics training to any LEO out there! E.G.

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