Beyond the Range Training for civilians

Laser Training for all levels of experience

Class 1 and 2 now being offered!

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With our virtual reality training system you can improve or solidify your marksmanship skills, reaction times, and safety.


This training system can teach everything from basic fundamentals to practice courses of fire to target shooting..all the way up to interactive judgmental shooting (shoot/don’t shoot) scenarios in a safe training environment. 


Students of all ages can train with this system. If you don’t yet have your pistol permit, you can come out and train and still learn firearms handling, safety, and develop your marksmanship skills!

Team One Krav Maga is currently offering 2 course of Beyond The Range (BTR) laser training.


BTR 1 covers various topics such as:

  • Understanding your "draw" reaction time.

  • A better understanding of Article 35 (use of force).

  • When is the correct time to draw your weapon.

  • Dealing with stress, tunnel vision, and the unknown.

  • Understanding your reasons for having a firearm and does the way your carry or store your firearm match your goals.

  • Practice engaging with video scenarios and learning best practices for them.

  • What makes one situation better or worse than another one and how to decide if using your weapon is needed.

  • If do you use your firearm, how will your life change.

This course should not be construed as legal advice. This is an informational course. However, this course WILL inform you of the laws that dictate the conditions in which you would either be justified or not justified when using force or deadly force. We always advise you to seek out professional legal advice for a final determination of your abilities and limitations.


BTR 2 covers various topics such as:

  • Basic shooting skills, stances, breathing, etc.

  • Drawing your weapon & dressing for success

  • Protecting your weapon and creating distance

  • Shooting with less dominant hand

  • Transitioning from hand to hand

  • Shooting around objects 

This will be a 4 hour course and will offer plenty of practice time, training and simulation training. See our events page for upcoming seminars.​